Compare products' prices across supermarkets in Egypt to reach the best deal.

About SmartKit

The rise of e-commerce has revolutionized the way people shop, making it easier and more convenient to purchase products online. However, the process of comparing prices across different retailers can still be time-consuming and cumbersome. This is where our SmartKit comes in. SmartKit allows users to easily add products to their cart and compare the prices across all the supermarkets in Egypt that have those products in stock.


One of the biggest pain points for consumers when shopping online is the lack of transparency and price comparison across multiple retailers, especially with the high fluctuating prices in Egypt. Consumers often have to visit multiple websites or physical stores to compare prices, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. This is especially true in Egypt, where there are many different retailers and price points, making it difficult to determine the best value for money.


A platform, allowing users to easily add products to their cart and compare prices across multiple supermarkets in Egypt. With SmartKit service, users can quickly and easily see which retailers offer the best value for their money, helping them to save money. SmarKit is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use. We believe that by providing consumers with greater transparency and choice, we can help to revolutionize the way people shop in Egypt and beyond.


The Challenge

The main challenge when designing SmartKit, is that it needs to follow the e-commerce pattern, from adding products to cart, viewing the cart and checking out, as it is a popular pattern that users are familiar with and won't take much time to figure out how SmartKit platform would work. However, SmartKit doesn't contain actually purchasing the products added to cart, it only stops at comparing prices and informing the user which supermarket has the best deal for these products.

Similarities with traditional e-commerce

SmartKit shares similarities with traditional e-commerce platforms, but differs in its purchasing process. It is important to clearly communicate these differences to users to avoid confusion and potential frustration. Users should understand that SmartKit is a comparison tool and not a direct purchasing platform, to ensure a seamless and positive user experience.

Information Architecture

Organizing the vast amount of data in a way that is easy for users to navigate and understand. This required creating a clear information architecture that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for and compare prices across different supermarkets.


Competitive Analysis

Explored other local and global competitors to know the needs that are still unfulfilled by them as well as their weak points, also for inspiration to know where they have reached and exploring the whole industry. Multiple issues were discovered, that could be addressed by SmartKit.


Yaoota Logo Pricena Logo Price Runner Logo
While having a large product catalog, it is overwhelming and difficult to navigate, leading to choice paralysis The interface and search function may are not intuitive or user-friendly Focuses on product comparison rather than price comparison may not be as relevant or useful for some users.
The checkout process isn't streamlined or user-friendly Only compares prices for a single retailer and not focused on Egypt mainly Doesn't have as many retailers or products available in Egypt


Visual Identity

While the visual identity was not developed by myself, one of the challenges was to ensure that the platform had a unique and strong brand identity that would attract and retain users, it was important to apply it consistently across the user interface to create a cohesive and memorable experience. The color palette provided a modern look and feel through multiple colors, but also presented a challenge in terms of designing a UI that applies these freshly looked colors.


The Solution


Here the user can search, browse categories or directly add one of the popular products to the comparison cart



Browsing the categories hierarchy, through the mega menu in the desktop view and the side menu in the mobile view, to have a holistic view about what SmartKit have from categories and products.



Search Results

Search results page for the search query, user can filter the search results by selecting a specific category type.

Comparison Cart

The cart is the main point than needed clear differentiation between traditional e-commerce and SmartKit, as here it should be explicitly noted to the user, that it's not a regular cart, that they could checkout and purchase what the cart holds, it's just a comparison cart and the checkout is replaced by generating the comparison report.


Comparison Report

This is the main value, the comparison report, which contains all the products that were in the comparison cart and their prices in each supermarket, while highlighting the best deal supermarket to help users  know from where they can buy their cart while saving the biggest amount of money


Impact Overview

SmartKit should be helping those who want to save more money on their recurring home requirements purchases, to compare products' prices across the supermarkets in Egypt and know where should be the best deal for buying their desired cart

Comparing Prices

Saves time and effort consumed in comparing prices between the supermarkets, especially within the fluctuated prices and differences between supermarkets.

Money Saving

Helps also those who want to save more money on their regular purchases, to better know which supermarket whill help them achieve this goal.