Halan Gomla

Groceries and all home requirements in wholesale with next day delivery.

About Halan Gomla

Halan Gomla is part from Halan Commerce, where selling groceries and all home requirements in wholesale with next day delivery. Various products and categories to browse and purchase from by “CF” installments, credit/debit card or cash.

The Opportunity

MNT-Halan previously acquired Talabeyah on June 2022. Talabeyah, is a B2B platform that provides a tailored simple solution for retailers, allowing them to order inventory in one click as well as providing FMCG suppliers with a bigger reach to retailers and direct marketing communication channels. The opportunity appeared as Halan already have a live e-commerce “Halan Commerce” on the app, so what about assigning some of Talabeyah’s products to be sold on the app to end customers (B2C) in wholesale and wholesale prices.

The Challenge

Most of the challenges were because of the limitations aroused from the technical constraints and time-to-market timeline. Halan Gomla's business goal was to release an MVP to test the market and reach the product-market fit as quickly as possible.

Time to Market

One of the biggest challenges was the time to market, as firstly, we were just exploring and trying this approach of selling grocery products in wholesale on the app and observe if it would help in acquiring more customers and help the business achieve its goals or doesn’t worth it. So, we needed to release it as soon as possible without investing much resources from the beginning.

Technical Efforts and Constrains

Because Talabeyah is considered a separate database from Halan and because how the infrastructure of Halan commerce was previously implemented in the past to cater for the commerce service only, without taking into consideration that we might have something like Halan Gomla in the future. There was too much effort and time needed to release a competitive feature, plus the previously mentioned time to market constraint, some trade-offs were to take place.

Dividing Release Into Phases

Because of the previously mentioned constraints in the challenges, the release of Halan Gomla was divided into small valuable chunks. Started by reusing the already implemented Halan Commerce components and logic into Halan Gomla.

Phase 1

Inserting Halan Gomla’s products as a section in Halan Commerce and a limit of 3 products would appear if the search query typed in Halan Commerce matches products in Halan Gomla, as Halan Gomla didn’t have its own search module in phase 1.

Phase 2

Adding add to cart button (+) on the product card from outside, as it’s more accessible and helps users to easily add more products to their cart, in addition there are no valuable product details that would require the user to open the product details page and read them.

Phase 3

Halan Gomla previous orders, so that the user can view the previously purchased products, re-order any of them and track the order’s status.

Problem Statement

Customers of our e-commerce platform have expressed difficulty in accessing and reordering their past purchases, particularly B2C items. The current "My Orders" section in the mobile app does not differentiate between different types of items, making it difficult for customers to quickly find their past B2C orders. Additionally, there is no streamlined process for reordering B2C items, leading to lower customer retention rates. There’s also no space where customers can check their order details such as payment and delivery information

Phase 4 (Current)

Address to be pre-selected in Gomla’s homepage. Previously, after the user prepares his/her cart and checkout, the product availability check happens on the address selection page (the first step in checkout). The availability check must happen after the user selects the delivery address to detect the nearest warehouse to that address, from where the products will be shipped. It was a very frustrating experience as after preparing the cart, the user might get surprised that some of his/her products are not available or out-of-stock in the warehouse that he/she will get the products from. That's why the address must be pre-selected and the products catalogue appears according to that address.

Phase 5 (Upcoming)

Adding a switcher, to toggle between Halan Commerce and Halan Gomla. Each one of them would be a separate entity with a separate shopping cart. This switcher will be introduced with the Halan Commerce homepage Redesign.

Impact Overview

These numbers are since Halan Gomla's Launch in February 2023 to May 2023

38% Retention Rate

Which proves that people are getting more attached to the service and relying on Halan Gomla to buy their groceries and home requirmenets.

x4.4 Engagement

Because of the discounts, offers and competitive prices, users are always engaging more and more with the service since it's launch.

New Target Audience

New class of audience are being targeted now and started buying from Halan Gomla. These audience have downloaded Halan app especially to use Halan Gomla.

Supporting the Super App

As Halan is a Super App there should be most of the services that any user would use in their daily life and buying groceries is the most frequently done task in any person's life.

The Team

Shout-out to the amazing product team at Halan who worked on this project together to deliver such an impactful solution, Halan Gomla would never be as powerful as it is now without such incredible calibers like you. The team is composed of Reem Hatem and Rawan Tawfik as Product Managers. Omar Montasser as Product Design Lead. Sayed El Mohamady as Design System Product Designer. Abdelrahman Abudahesh, Nour Ramy and Muhammad AbdulBasset as Product Designers.

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