Halan Gold

Selling gold ingots at 12 months installment plan with ability to track the value of your savings and resell at any time.

About Halan Gold

Halan Gold is about selling gold ingots, through integration with BTC, on Halan app in installments. Currently, the only installment plan is 12 months and receiving the ingot will be after finalizing all the installments.

Users can see the updated selling price for 21 Karat, view and buy from the product’s catalogue. 

After purchase, customers can view the already purchased ingots, the total amount of their purchases with today’s price as well as tracking whether each ingot is winning or losing according to the comparison between the purchase price and today’s price. In addition to, paying the installments and keeping track of the paid and upcoming installments.

Project's Goal

The goal of releasing Halan Gold project is mainly to increase both the revenues and the number of active users on the app to reach a target of X no. active users by the end of 2023.

The Challenge

While designing Halan Gold, we as a team faced multiple challenges that were new and didn't face such challenges before. The hardest challenge was that Halan Gold was a stand-alone service, that has its own look, feel and flow which doesn't fit with any other service from what we have on Halan App

Halan is a Super App

The idea that Halan is a super app, containing multiple products under multiple verticals, arises a new challenge with the release of every new feature. With a huge project like Halan Gold, comes huge challenges. Where will it fit in the app so that it doesn’t get over another feature? How will it be propositioned, is it a saving channel to keep the purchase power of your money or an investment way to increase your money or just a service to purchase gold with installments? What about the navigation as it depends on other points/modules in the app?

Gold’s Look and Feel

The nature of the Gold, from that it gives an elegant feel and its yellow color that can not be changed or tweaked. Both of them should be applied in way that doesn’t break the app’s consistency nor the brand manual but also still there and the user can get them.

Learning Curve

As it is a totally new thing, users may first need to know what is it talking about as well as the service they will get from. In addition, the Gold purchase flow is different from Halan’s commerce traditional flow that users already familiar with, as customers should first insert their NID number and photo, select the address that they want the agent come to only to sign the contract not to receive the physical gold because the gold can be received from the branch only after finishing all the installments. Too much new information and answers, users need to know before purchasing.

Catering for Dependencies

Halan Gold, depends on both internal and external parties to complete the whole flow. 
- The ingots catalogue, their updated prices and information are provided by BTC (external). 
- The agents that would go to the customer with the contracts to sign them are provided by Boosta (external). 
- The Consumer finance (CF) limit that the customer will buy take to buy the Gold with is provided by another entity inside MNT-Halan (internal). 
- Data retrieved from the NID number, are provided through an integration with The Civil Registry (external) 
- Lastly, laws and regulations are to be taken into consideration as well.

Task Flow

This flow only shows the high-level process/steps a user takes to buy gold on Halan App. It helped to understand, how a user will navigate through the app and uncover roadblocks early enough before starting the design.

The Solution

1. On-Boarding

2. Browsing

Homepage, cart widget and FAQs

Product details and shopping cart

3. Purchasing Flow

NID no. Inquiry and NID card photos

Uploading NID card front and back photos

Summary and success

4. Post-purchase

Homepage after purchase and previous purchases

Purchased ingot gold and installments table

Impact Overview

It opens a new market of purchasing gold with installments with the ability to track the previously purchased golds value up to date. In addition to, paying the due installment online through the app.

Buying Gold in Installments

Purchasing Gold in installments in order to keep the purchasing power of your money is a very powerful and competitive feature that will put Halan App on top of the market giving it a high entry barrier facing Halan's competitors.

Tracking Gold Value

The idea of tracking the value of your Gold purchases real-time will increase the engagment on the App even for those who didn't buy can view Gold prices in real-time.

The Team

Shout-out to the amazing product team at Halan who worked on Halan Gold together to deliver such an impactful solution. The team is composed of Reem Hatem and Rawan Tawfik as Product Managers. Omar Montasser as Product Design Lead. Sayed El Mohamady as Design System Product Designer. Abdelrahman Abudahesh, Nour Ramy and Muhammad AbdulBasset as Product Designers.

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