Dawayer Festival Form

Music Festival Registration Form

About Dawayer Festival Form

Dawayer festival is a timeless and adventurous experience that stimulates the heart, mind, body and soul. It takes place in Siwa Oasis on a yearly basis and lasts for 3 days. The form is web-based form for booking a ticket for the festival. The guest can book for a group of guests and become the group owner, who can choose the transportation, accommodation (Double tent, Quad tent or Island Bungalow) and food preference (Vegan or not) for him/her and the group. In addition, as a group owner you should insert the info for each guest in your group.



The festival was booked through physically going to purchase the tickets from stores. When guests go to the store they have to fill in some information like their personal info, food preferences, accommodation and transportation, by telling it to the festival's agent and the agent need to record it in an collaborative excel sheet, shared with all the agents across the stores. The payment was paid in cash only. There was no way to know before going to the store, if an amenity or even the tickets were sold out or became unavailable at the time of booking.


Dawayer festival responsive web-form to purchase tickets and pay them by credit/debit cards through an integration with kashier, a payment gateway, to facilitate both, the payment from the guest side and the tracking of money received from the festival's admins side. The guest can book for a group and select their preferences, in less than 2 minutes, through a usable and accessible form.


The Challenge

The form's time-on-task had to be very short, so the guest doesn't feel bored from filling in the form's data, especially the guest who is booking for a group and have to fill-in the group's info and preferences as well as his/her own info and preferences.

Secondly, the form had to reflect the festival's unique brand identity designed by Sherine Osman. Dawayer festival has a unique brand that features earthy, natural tones and textures, drawing inspiration from the desert landscape of the Siwa oasis. The color palette includes warm sand tones, deep earthy browns, and shades of green inspired by the nearby springs and palm groves. Textures are to be rough and natural, featuring sandstone, desert flora, and rough-hewn wood.


Guests want to be able to complete the form quickly and easily, without spending too much time navigating through the form or filling in unnecessary information. Firstly, the form should be simple and straightforward, with clear and concise instructions. Secondly, minimizing required fields by only asking for information that is absolutely necessary to complete the booking process. Thirdly, pre-filling as much data as possible such as the user's name, email address,... Lastly, using inline validation and progress indicators

Contextual Information

Guests need information about the festival lineup, schedule, or location to make informed decisions about their booking. However, providing too much information or presenting it in a confusing or overwhelming way can lead to user frustration and choice paralysis. Firstly, progressive disclosure by presenting information in a hierarchical manner, revealing more detailed information as the user moves through the form. Secondly, the information hierarchy by organizing the information in a clear and logical hierarchy, with the most important information presented first. Lastly, help text and visual aids to help the guest and co-pilot them through the form till filling it.


Confirmation and Follow-up

After the booking process is complete, guests need confirmation of their booking and the booking status. After booking, the guest receives a payment link identified by the group unique number from kashier to pay the full amount. So, the group number must be shown at the success page with the payment status as well. If booking for a group, each group member has his/her own unique code that must be saved as it will be used at the festival's entrance. Lastly, the contact us information need to be shown for any inquiries.


Booking the music festival involves a lot of different variables that the guest need to specify, such as group or single booking, accomodation/camping options, transportation options and food preferences. The form needs to accommodate all of these options while remaining simple and easy to use.


Single/Group Booking Flow


The Solution



1.0 Booking Form


1.1 Booking Form


1.2 Booking Form


2.0 Summary and Confirmation

Impact Overview

500+ Registrants

Around 575 guests completed the form and booked tickets for a group

32% Converstion Rate

From the start, the landing page, to the thank you page that appears after booking is completed


Sample from Survey Responses

This survey integrated by Hotjar, appears at the end of the flow after completing the booking, at the thank you page, asks the users to rate their experience from 1 to 5 and describe the reason for giving that score.